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Hi, I know how to set the code translation of the text depending on the detected language (http://docs.godotengine.org/en/latest/tutorials/asset_pipeline/importing_translations.html), but I have a problem with display UTF-8, which in Polish, Russian or Japanese language. Engine does not automatically select font files.

Ps. How set in Godot the default language of the application for test language display?

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Import a suitable font.Enable unicode when importing.
Add font to Settings -> Editor Settings : Global/Font, Text Editor/Font.
Restart Editor.
Change controls font to imported one.

Maybe you can use Remap to change fonts automatically.
Also you can use TranslationServer's methods get_locale and set_locale to get/set locale and load fonts based on it:

var loc = TranslationServer.get_locale()
if loc == "en" :
    print("Locale is en")
    var fnt = load("res://en.fnt")
    get_node("button_start").add_font_override("font", fnt)
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I was concerned about changing the fonts in the application not in the editor, depending on the detected language.

I update my answer.

Is works ;) THX

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