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where is the right place to set Msaa?
(there seem to be two places for it, if so why?):

  1. "Project Settings > Rendering > Quality > Msaa : min. "Disabled", max. "16x"
  2. "Project Settings > Rendering > Quality > see bottom of the Quality-tab, "Msaa" can be set to any int value.

We're getting our hands dirty ;) with latest stable release: Godot 3.0.6.

Thank you! :)

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You should set the first one. It's possible the second one is a leftover from an old version if the project was migrated (you should be able to remove it safely).

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Yes, that was it, I've opened the (old) Material-Demo-Project. With fresh project created, "Msaa" line at the bottom is gone. Thanks! :)

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