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I'm making a GUI using godot and I want transition animation when switching to another scene instead of instant change (No animation) when using gettree().changescene("MyOtherScene") I am trying to mimic the ios feel when switching to another scene. Is there any function to accomplish this?

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try adding a new scene, displaced sideways by the screen size, have an animation or whatever to switch the scene that is infront of the viewport, and remove the original scene

otherScene = load("res://scenes/OKR.tscn").instance()

But even when I set the margin of the viewport container, the scene child is still rendered at (0, 0)

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I do not know of any built in functionality for fancy scene transitions. However, there are several ways you can do this yourself. Other people (aka Zylann) have already answered better than I can:

Transitions on change scene <- probably the most relevant to you
Scene switching and returning?
How to load and change scenes

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