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I'm making a 3D game and I need to animate the position of a character relative to the scene it is in.

My character is a scene instantiated in the root node of my level scene.
I created an animation in my character scene and keyframed the translation of the root node, but when instantiated in my level the animation translates my character relative the the origin of my level scene and not the "original position" of my character scene.

Maybe I can save the original transform and reapply it to the new transform the animation created but this would be quite messy.
I could also add a container node around my character and move this node to move the character but other than being messy too, this means that I would need to play with transforms to finally move the character at the end of the animation.

Is there a way to do this without requiring the use of messy tricks?

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I'm having the same issue and am scouring the web for a less mess solution than making a new "placeholder" object. is their anyway to add an objects offset to an animation relative to a signal maybe?

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