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So I've gone through this doc article on how to create a basic editor plugin using GDScript and have made a few simple plugins. I've also developed a custom module in C++. What I was wondering is whether it's possible to write another editor plugin but using C++ instead without modifying the Godot's source.

It seems like I've already figured out how to write an editor plugin by looking how other built-in plugins are implemented as in here.

In editor_node.cpp I discovered that plugins are registered during initialization of EditorNode, for instance:


So it appears to me that I could use EditorNode singleton and add my plugin like this within a module:

EditorNode *en = EditorNode::get_singleton()

The problem is that I don't know when and where to do this. I've tried doing so in register_types:

void register_my_module_types() {


    EditorNode *en = EditorNode::get_singleton();

And en is NULL here because it seems like EditorNode is not even initialized yet, so I wonder what to do now.

asked Oct 1, 2018 in Engine by Xrayez (1,230 points)
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The solution is fairly straightforward, I just had to use EditorPlugins to add a plugin:

void register_my_module_types() {


answered Oct 29, 2018 by Xrayez (1,230 points)
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