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Not so much time ago I decided to buy and actually use a mechanical keyboard (Cherry MX Board 6) with ease until I discovered at my very first digits in Godot editor (before I had eaten tons of Godot tutorials and also a book!) I can't digit the < and > symbols, since my keyboard uses an ANSI mechanical layout, that doesn't have these keys (and I'm worried for other keys also I haven't approached yet with Godot...).

The problem is with the numeric pad that isn't recognized (I can't type Alt-060 and Alt-062 for the precision).

I prey Godot developers to find a good and fast solution for this in the next release since I invested a lot of time in Godot (and money on my mechanical keyboard!) and I think is really stressing having to cut and paste these symbols from another editor to Godot editor.

Hoping to have exposed clearly this real trouble I'm hoping to listen soon good news from developers!

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I do not know if Godot can do something about that because is the OS the one who manages the keyboard.

Do the rest of the system works fine? you may need to search for a layout in the OS that adds some shortcuts to use that keyboard.

My system is ok. With both GameMaker and Unity (I prefer 100% Godot on each of them) the numeric pad with Alt key works fine, so I hope developers make a change even at a little cost of little Windows specific code... please! :-)

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