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I am in the middle of making an Android game using godot 3.0.6, but when i export the game to android it runs perfectly for 3 to 6 seconds and freezes, no errors are shown when i try to remote debug the game, it just stops working, it doesnt even exit the game...

any idea what can cause such thing or how to fix/debug it?

EDIT: I eventually solved the problem by breaking the game in pieces(removing parts and finding the one who causes errors), and it was the navigation2D who crashed the game

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Could be due to many things, my advise is to run adb logcat to get more info
(Start manually, outside of Godot, a terminal / console / command prompt with the appropriate commands).

Good luck !

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So, I did the logcat thingy, and it returned nothing, the same with godot's remote debugging, it simply freezes, and only on android

Can you attach the logcat output ?

Specifically, start the command before running your app on Android, then run it
and stop the capture after the freezing.

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