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I just downloaded Godot and I'm not sure where to start-

I'm aiming to do a 2D RPG to start out with, accompanied by Inventory and item properties, combat systems similar to JRPGs (turn based), and a visual novel-esque aspect (choose your own name, pronouns, romance certain NPCs, etc).

Really just a game that can function in terms of items, GUI, combat, and response based dialogue. It doesn't have to be fancy since I'm starting out but I'd love tips on which direction to head in! Good tutorials, plugins etc etc...

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Docs, docs and once more - DOCS! Your new friend - documentation!
Keep them close and never let go, they will provide you with everything you need to know.
Getting Started - read all about Godot.
Tutorials - most common stuff and how to deal with them.
There should be some tutorials on YouTube if you prefer to learn that way, but remember that they are or will be outdated at some point.
If you have more questions or run into problems then post new question, we will gladly help you out :)

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