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Here is my MacBook Pro used for developing game:

Processor 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB

However, I found it's not qualified. The fan is very noisy when even run very simple game in godot.

What kind of hardware is required to developing games smoothly?
Could you recommend some other laptops?

Is a professional graphics card for game is required?

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I only run some simple 2D games using godot, the noise of the fan is very loud, so I consider to change to a PC laptop, I wonder whether it's worth to do.

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I ran blender and godot on a surface pro with an i5 and 4gb of ram.
Fans Will rev high if the processor gets hot enough or if it feels your trying to do to much? Im sort of amazed your laptop is even braking a sweat.

If your making high end games you'll need a serious graphics card, for rendering and so on.

But if you intend to make a serious computer Games. Id say most laptops are out of the question you'd need a tower.

Basic 3d games / 2D games ... make it on a house brick tbh.

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Depends on what game are you trying to create. If it's 2D then you should be fine but if it's 3D then GPU is very much needed. But let's put that on the side and say one thing... Laptops mostly aren't meant for gaming and here we are talking about creating something that is not meant to be. That just can't happen. First stages of game creation are about making stuff, something to move, something to interact, creating maps etc. At some point it's going to be not optimized and that will make your life hell. You will be screaming because of low FPS and overheating.

Is a professional graphics card for game is required?
- 2D - NO
- 3D - YES (with few exceptions)

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Note that "professional" may not be the best adjective to use here. You certainly don't need a Quadro or Tesla graphics card to run Godot, it won't be any faster than using a GeForce :)

That's right.

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