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Hello All,
I am newbie so sorry for my English and other mistakes.
I am currently working on Dungeon Crawler game which generate his own mazes from segments. Patterns of segments have only enters, walls and floors. During the generation i am filling it by many const objects, barrels, chest and moobs. And now I have a problem. How to design a PathFinding for mobs? They have to avoid const objects to come close enough to hurt the player.

I have a scene called RandomMap which have Segments, Segments have only TileMaps handling walls and floors. Mazes are big, so i can't cover it by one NavigationPolygoneInstance. Also everything what i am putting is a separate scene.

I will be thankful for any suggestions.

asked Sep 14, 2018 in Projects by AkaiTobira (12 points)

You can implement pathfinding using A*, or define steering behavior for your mobs, with collision avoidance.

Can You tell me more about steering behavior ? I tried to use builded in A* but graph was too big and whole game paused for calculation time.

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KidsCanCode has a good tutorial covering the basics. Once you implement simple seek behavior, you can then refine it by adding collision avoidance. See here.

answered Sep 15, 2018 by Diet Estus (1,504 points)
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