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I'm trying to get Navigation2D working on a TileMap.

In the attached screenshot, I have:
1. Setup a NavigationPolygonInstance (which you can see in 2, and in game 3).

When I click the mouse (see 4) I get empty coordinates returned from getsimplepath on the Nav2D, even though the polygons overlap.

If I click inside the same polygon as the character, I get a valid set of points.

Is there a special way to merge these polygons?
I've seen other people say it should just work: https://godotengine.org/qa/1790/how-to-implement-pathfinding-with-a-tilemap?show=1790#q1790

See image here


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you can't merge navmesh

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So there is no way to do what I want?
What is it that other people are doing to get this to work? Do they have a single navigation polygon they are generating by hand to follow their tilemap?

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