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Lets say I have a GD file like this:

extends Node
var my_dict = {

I have done a project that opens a GD file, reads some content, and shows me it in a readable way in and LineEdit node, I'll just use print() for the example.

A Button opens a FileDialog then when a GD file is selected, it creates a Fileopening it for READ_WRITE and saving it in a variable named content as File.get_as_text().

func on_button_pressed():

func on_file_selected(path):
    var file = File.new()
    var content = file.get_as_text()

So then, it creates a GDScript named script, sets its source_codeas content and finaly reload().
After that it creates a Node, doing script.new()
Finally I just do print(my_node.my_dict.name) and all work as expected.

func read_content(content):
    var script = GDScript.new()
    script.source_code = content
    var my_node = script.new()

The next step is the problem, I can't figure out how to modify the original script trying to avoid tedious tricks using all the String's repertoire..
I would be nice to have access to a class/ GD file's methods and members in a simple way like you do with json files, for example.
Is there something I've missed? Or do I have to program a code text editor?

After reading the file, I need to be able to modify it, visualy, in LineEdit nodes, and then save it, it doesn't matter if it overwrites the original or not.


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