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Is it possible to move code window on the second monitor? How Goodot uses two monitors?

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It's impossible to split editor into two windows, however you can still code on second monitor thanks to external editor support. Go into Settings->External Editor->Use External Editor -> true You can also define path to external editor here (so when you click on the script icon, the script will be opened inside this editor). As far as I know the best external editor that have support for GdScript is Atom together with plugins: LangGdScript and optionally you can install gdscript autocomplete module (take a look at info on the site on how to install it -> you will need Godot editor with additional module(autocompletion provider))

Other way how you can make use of second monitor is to tell Godot that you want to test game on different screen than where editor is (useful for debugging): Settings->Game window Placement

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Here is the module itself: https://github.com/neikeq/gd-autocomplete-service
It don't have any specific relation with atom, it's general usage thing (people can write plugins for other text editors that will communicate with Godot via this module)

ahh.. I missed the -service part.. i didn't realise there was comms between Atom and Godot. Much confusion. Thanks again.

So I have autocomplete-gdscript installed in Atom. I extracted the autocomplete_service folder into Github/godot/modules and compiled Godot, apparently successfully because I have an exe with current date/time. I'm now running Godot from that exe, then I run Atom, and I'm expecting Atom to auto-complete when pressing Control-Space but it doesn't seem to be doing it.. what am I missing?

Somewhere I read that you need to have the Godot project open in Atom as well.. did I imagine this and what does it mean? There is only the engine.cfg. Thanks.

Generally it should work at this point. But if you just downloaded zip from github and extracted it into modules folder it's probably not compiled into godot, you should extract in some other place and move autocomplete_service subfolder into modules folder.

hmm the folder is definitely there..

27/04/2016  07:22 PM    <DIR>          .
27/04/2016  07:22 PM    <DIR>          ..
27/04/2016  07:22 PM    <DIR>          autocomplete_service
04/04/2016  05:23 PM    <DIR>          gdscript
04/04/2016  05:23 PM    <DIR>          gridmap
27/04/2016  07:22 PM        19,595,962 modules.windows.tools.lib
27/04/2016  07:42 PM               768 register_module_types.cpp
04/04/2016  09:28 AM               139 register_module_types.h
27/04/2016  07:22 PM            11,641 register_module_types.windows.tools.obj
04/04/2016  04:47 PM               448 SCsub
               5 File(s)     19,608,958 bytes
               5 Dir(s)  1,590,671,863,808 bytes free

and can see it has been compiled as there are .obj files.. strange.

Directory of h:\Documents\GitHub\godot\modules\autocomplete_service

27/04/2016  07:45 PM    <DIR>          .
27/04/2016  07:45 PM    <DIR>          ..
06/03/2016  09:05 AM             7,010 code_completion_server.cpp
06/03/2016  09:05 AM             2,300 code_completion_server.h
27/04/2016  07:45 PM         1,025,589 code_completion_server.windows.tools.obj
06/03/2016  09:05 AM             4,822 code_completion_service.cpp
06/03/2016  09:05 AM             1,030 code_completion_service.h
27/04/2016  07:45 PM         1,005,279 code_completion_service.windows.tools.obj
06/03/2016  09:05 AM               553 completion_service_plugin.cpp
06/03/2016  09:05 AM               546 completion_service_plugin.h
27/04/2016  07:45 PM           961,678 completion_service_plugin.windows.tools.obj
06/03/2016  09:05 AM                69 config.py
27/04/2016  07:22 PM               431 config.pyc
06/03/2016  09:05 AM               408 register_types.cpp
06/03/2016  09:05 AM               113 register_types.h
27/04/2016  07:45 PM           895,555 register_types.windows.tools.obj
06/03/2016  09:05 AM               205 SCsub

(and I realise now they simply mean to have the project open in Godot.. duh)

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