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After surfing the Internet a lot, I couldn't found any solution on how to make Occluder2D with translucent factor (not opaque occluder).

The result I want to achieve is the following:
Picture link

Assume every tile have 2D occluder and takes a small amount of light power (or by more complex formula) of light passed directly through the occluder.

As I understood, in 3D for such things DIFFUSE_ALPHA or something similar is provided. But I think 3D renders lights and shadows quite another way, so there are no analogies in 2D.

I searched in shader language docs, for 2D (CanvasItem) there are no any parameters which look like the truth. So am I right that for the current time Godot does not support feature I need in 2D case? Or am I wrong?

Nonetheless, Any tricky workarounds?

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