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When I change the values in the inspector nothing happens.

Here is some of my code:

extends KinematicBody2D
export var speed = 100
export var walk_speed = 50
export var dash_speed = 500
export var tileSize = 32.0
export var max_speed = 500
onready var current_speed = speed
onready var lazer_beam = preload("res://scenes/LazerBeam.tscn")
onready var bullet = preload("res://scenes/Bullet.tscn")
var lazer = null

const stamina_loss_captain = 1

export var stamina_lost = {
        "Teleport": 180,
        "Attack": 70


export var stam =  {
        "Initial Max": 2000,
        "Current Max": 2000,
        "Regeneration": 100,

        "Current" : 2000


class energy :
    var initial_max = 0
    var current_max = 0
    var regeneration = 0
    var current = 0

    func _init(im = 200, cm = 200, regen = 40, cur = 0):
        initial_max = im
        current_max = cm
        regeneration = regen
        current = cur

    func regenerate(delta):
        current += regeneration * delta
        if(current >= current_max):
            current = current_max

    func left():
        if current > 0:
            return true
            return false
        return false
    func deplete(amount):
        current -= amount

    #If current does not go under zero after depletion return true else return false
    func test_deplete(amount):
        if(current - amount >= 0):
            return true
            return false

    func if_left_deplete(amount):
            return true
            return false

    func if_not_under_zero_when_depleted(amount):
        if(current - amount >= 0):
            return true
            return false

var stamina = energy.new(stam["Initial Max"], stam["Current Max"], stam["Regeneration"], stam["Current"])

So I later found out that if I change the original scenes dictionary values in the inspector and not the instanced scene of it or an inherited scene of it the values do change but not otherwise.

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