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Here is a list of things to known, and mostly seen on version 2.1.5

Version 3.0.6

  • OpenGL 3.0 issue on Windows 10 is not a problem running GODOT 3.0.6 on Kubuntu 18.04

Export [Project] to Platform

  • File Details; right click > properties
    set description, product name, version, copyright;

as Application Form Development

  • how to organize the project knowing the "first\main form";
    where is the main code of the "form" for instancing and such, the project design;
  • as each Scene "being a form", just as each Node "being a class\function\object"
    how to orgazine this having control of the desktop application sense,
    then getting to work on scenes and nodes on the "form";
  • controlling everything by code;
  • centering and dimmensions size of things;
    like align[all client] as in pareting[node] of the "object" inspector;
    meaning changing application\parent size in the "form design" how does it works;

for now, that is the main issues from getting something understood at GODOT;

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Is there a question here? I have to be honest: I'm having a lot of trouble understanding what this is trying to say.

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