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So let's say a have a variable called number,and two buttons adding and subtracting "1" to that value.If i keep spaming the button the number variable will keep rising without a limit,but i just want it to stop until it is 0 (in case of subtracting) or 3 (in case of adding).
i tried to use the clamp() function,but it returns a value instead limiting the value.
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I think you might have made use of clamp() the wrong way. The correct way:

num = clamp(num, 0, 3)
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Nice it worked too!

Why am i getting this error when i use clamp()?
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When you press the button "+" :

if your_variable + your_increment <= 3:
    your_variable += your_increment

When you press the button "-" :

if your_variable - your_decrement >= 0:
    your_variable -= your_decrement
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Thanks it worked!

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