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Trying to manage memory in Godot Engine.
When I create a new project with nothing in it, save just one scene with just one spatial object in tree, publish(export) as .exe (executable) file for windows(desktop) and run it, it says over 100 megabytes under 'Memory' in Task Manager.
I am fairly new to this engine.
System: Windows8, Software version: Godot Game Engine v3.0.6 stable.official.8314054 win64, Export Template version: 3.0.6.stable
Thank you.

Followup question: How to reduce this memory usage?
Thank You

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If I do that I get only 57 Mb. Not sure how to reduce it further, though. Also, 42 Mb of it is due to the editor executable size (which is about half when exported). So when run from editor, 15 extra megabytes are allocated, probably objects and stuff unpacked by the engine on startup.

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