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I have 2 images (named backimage.png and frontimage.png) both are in "res://Sprites". I then have a 3rd image which is created dynamically and named: middle_image.png. The code for this 3rd image works perfectly. What I am wanting to do is combind all three images into 1 texture.

Finished Image (Texture) Structure. (frontimage is on top)

The code I use to create middle_image is as follows:

for i in CardLibrary._cards:
      var image_file = "res://Sprites/middle_images/"+CardLibrary._cards[i].image+".png"
      var img = Image.new()
      var itex = ImageTexture.new()
      var middle_image =  itex.create_from_image(img)

Now I need code top combind all 3 images into 1 image texture ...

Please help?

asked Aug 12, 2018 in Engine by BigDC (33 points)

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