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im using godot 3.0.6 and when i use tilemaps for my platforming game but i when undo ( Ctrl + Z ) a few times,
i get this error
core/undoredo.cpp:337 - Condition ' actionlevel > 0 ' is true. returned: ""
core/undoredo.cpp:316 - Condition ' actionlevel > 0 ' is true.
and then i can't undo anymore
is there any solution for my problem?
will there be a fix for this in a future update?

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Could it be that you have "run out" of undo-es? For instance, if you make three actions in the editor, and try to undo then four times, you can't undo any more actions.

No I didn't run out of undo-es. Is there any way to give you anymore info for any clues or answers?

Also it wont let me redo after the error.

Sorry, can't think of anything else that might be causing the problem. :-(

I do know that I posted a similar question like this and the reply is this:

It looks like a fix for TileMap undo operations was merged in the master branch, but it wasn't backported to the 3.0.x series yet.

Maybe it can be backported into any future updates?

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The solution is to have search by Name not By Last Modified Therefore you can undo

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