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I have 3 different textures and want to draw them a few hundred times next to each other based on the current layout of my ship.
Normally I would just use Sprites for this but I'm dealing with a large number of instances here and I would rather like to combine the textures into one large texture.

Can anyone explain how this would be done ?

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can't help much but I think shaders are the way.

Here is the effect I'm going for.
Right now it is done with a few hundred individual draw_rect calls and I would like to just draw a single Texture instead and update it if the layout of the ship changes.
enter image description here

I'm considering tile maps as well and will probably implement it via tile maps to see how well it works. But as an alternative I would like to be able to generate a Large Texture from Code to see if there are any performance gains and or other oddities.

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