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I'm trying to set up a basic feedback system for a project using a 3rd party API. I thought it would be as simple as making the correct API calls using HTTPRequest.

The API call works in a browser, and the HTTPRequest works to other URLS (eg https:/www.google and http://www.mocky.io) but when running the API from HTTPRequest I get:

thirdparty/mbedtls/library/ssl_tls.c:4643: x509_verify_cert() returned -9984 (-0x2700)
ERROR: _do_handshake: TLS handshake error: -9984
   At: modules/mbedtls/stream_peer_mbed_tls.cpp:101.
mbedtls error: returned -0x2700

Does this mean godot's certificate won't validate in this kind of scenario?

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