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my texture progress is a health bar i made for my player and enemies. the health lowers down correctly if the max value is 10, but when i go to 20 it doesnt decrease when the value is at 19 and when the value is 1 the progress bar is gone. it works when i set the min value to -1 for 20 but my enemies hp goes up to 1000+ and i need to change the min value again. pls help

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This sounds like a bug. Can you reproduce the behavior in a blank project with nothing else inside? If so, please file a bug report here: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues

As a workaround you could just set the progress bar max value to 10 and then scale the current HP respectively like this:

progress = (enemy_current_hp / enemy_max_hp) * 10
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found the problem my progress bar has a invisible texture at the bottom...whoops

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