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Hello ! I'd like to get the progress of the preloading of my ingame scene to update my loading bar. But this line seems to be the problem :

var progress = float(thread.get_stage()) / thread.get_stage_count()

Here is the code :

onready var thread = Thread.new()
onready var current_scene =  get_node("/root/titlescreen")

func load_nextscene():
    thread.start(self,"prep_scene", ResourceLoader.load_interactive("res://scenes/ingame.tscn"))

func prep_scene(interactive_ldr):
    while (true):
        var err = interactive_ldr.poll();
        if(err == ERR_FILE_EOF): 
            return interactive_ldr.get_resource();

        elif(err == OK):

func update_progress():
    var progress = float(thread.get_stage()) / thread.get_stage_count()    
    get_node("/root/titlescreen/ProgressBar").value = progress;

I tried changing "thread" with "thread.interactiveldr" and "interactiveldr" but none worked :/ thanks !

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