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hello, my wacom tablet (intuos 2015 - model CTH 690) is not working properly with godot since version 3.0.3 (it worked perfectly fine before)

  • On the project selection screen and when I run the game, I just can't click at all
  • On the editor, it clicks at the bottom of the arrow (mouse cursor) instead of clicking at the top of it

As a graphist, I use my tablet as a mouse all the time and it gets annoying to the point where I keep using a previous version a godot now...

Is it a known problem ?

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Please report this issue on the Godot GitHub repository so that developers can be aware of it.

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I guess you knew already (because you made an issue on github), but I like to answer on this for other people.

according to a comment from https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/20474#issuecomment-408163166
it will be fixed on godot 3.0.6 :)

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I have no solution, but I can tell that you are not the only one with this problem - I am using Intuos CTH-490 and I am experiencing the same issues.

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