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When I insert my bitmap font in a single label or in a richtextlabel and activate autowrap. The result is, that the text overlays itself and does not slip into a new line. I use a .fnt file as an atlas and a .tga file for the character image information.

my .fnt file
info face="Arial" size=32 bold=0 italic=0 charset="" unicode=0 stretchH=100 smooth=1 aa=1 padding=1,1,1,1 spacing=0,0 common lineHeight=40 base=30 scaleW=512 scaleH=512 pages=2 packed=0
page id=0 file="test2.png"
chars count=810
char id=13 x=0 y=0 width=0 height=0 xoffset=-1 yoffset=0 xadvance=2 page=0 chnl=0

Thanks for your help!


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an easier way to get around that is use an application called "showbox" by renderhjs.net. I don't manually write my bitmap fonts data but use that application to generate all the text, kerning, spacing, etc.

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