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I've seen some games made with Godot on the Playstore and their average sizes were 15mo. However, when I compile my game on my mobile, it's always heavier than 50mo. I've even tried with an "empty" project and its size was about 50mo as well. So is there a way to reduce the size of a project (for exemple : by removing useless parts) ? or is it just due to the godot's update ?

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Make sure to enable release optimizations while exporting the project to Android. You can do so by unchecking Export with Debug in the final export dialog (the one that asks you where to put the APK).

Note that when exporting in release mode, you will need to set up a release keystore, which must be done in the Export dialog (instead of the Editor Settings, like you would do when exporting with debugging enabled).

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in your project settings, you should be using the mobile compression methods in "compress". Also, try using spriteheets instead of single images. Lastly, try using godot themes instead creating custom controls "scenes". everything is there to make anything you want.

Try tweaking the audio and graphic importer to compress more.

Lastly, the audio importer has options for audio that uses less space but more cpu, OR the other mode uses less cpu but more space.

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Would oyu suggest using Spritesheets for animations or for other stuff to?

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