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My name is Eduardo Sánchez Barrios from Veracruz Mexicoi 'm creating a game using Godot 2.1.4 (I have issues with 3.0.x with android) my question is:
How i Can change the Target API of Android Export?
Because Google is saying in Auguts the Only acept apk with Target API 26 (the message apears me in Google play console today when i upload my dev demo to google play store) (Godot Compiles this in API 23) I don't know how to fix this)

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Same problem here. Upgrading to Godot (and export templates) to 2.1.5 did not change the target api level.

I downloaded latest Godot source for 2.1 branch and built Android export template myself. The latest source targets API level 27. Seems to be working well now, but I haven't tried uploading the APK to Google Play yet..

So if I'm on the right track here, the pre-built export templates just need updating.

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