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Hello ! Thanks to ICatRegister, I now have a thread loading my ingame scene like that :

thread.start(self,"prep_scene", ResourceLoader.load_interactive("res://scenes/ingame.tscn"))

func _on_load_level_done():
    var level_res = thread.wait_to_finish()
    var scene = level_res.instance();

func goto_scene(new_scene):
    current_scene = new_scene

It all works perfectly fine. It launches the ingame scene, but then my restart button, set in the ingame scene's script, doesn't work anymore :

func on_restartbutton_pressed():

I'd like it to reload the ingame scene but it looks like my ingame scene is not recognize as "current_scene".
do you know what I could replace this command with ?

thanks !

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You didn't set current_scene for SceneTree. Try adding this at the end of your goto_scene():

get_tree().call_deferred("set_current_scene", current_scene)
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case solved, thanks ! ;)

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