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Hello. I have a bunch of animations in my animation sprite node. But I can't see the last animation I applied to it.
is there any constraints in amount of animations for one node?
please, help me with this.

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Hi gravit22,

I don't think it has to do with the number of animations.
How did you build up your animations ? Do you use the AnimationPlayer node or just an animated sprite ? And how do you switch from one animation to an other ?

be sure to watch GDquest's video on animating in godot 3 :

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Hi, Thank you for response.
I use only animationsprite node.
I have 29 animations in the stuck. and I just figured out if I add 30-th animation it will disappear after I restart godot.

This limitation doesn't seem to happen with me.

I created an animatedsprite node, added 31 animations with frames inside each.
I closed and reopenned Godot, they are still there....

I can't really help you then... are you using godot 3 ?

I am sharing the project https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bYps_ZTxPlReca6ioF4rbsV14xXmvKp5

The problem appears when I try to add additional animation to animationsprite node in Sub-zero scene (Fighters/Sub-zero folder).

I went in the fighter's scene added a 30th animation to the animation sprite, restarted godot, and it's still there.

I don't have this problem and I can't help you, sorry ! :(

It's weird. But thank you for help

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