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I remember an old option in 2.x that let you export your gdscripts as text instead of binary. Is this option buried somewhere in 3.x?

I'm trying to get the Gut test tool to work with exported projects and right now it does some parsing on the .gd file text which I can't do with the binaries. I can change the parsing probably, and just inspect the object. I lose some information when I do this though; like line number and the order the tests run is not guaranteed (I already do this win Inner Classes). I'd like to keep that information if possible.

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In your exported project delete all the .gdc and .gd.remap files then import the .gd files from your project and it would work! I don't know if there is another way to do this. Let me know if it works!

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This might work. I'm guessing Godot looks for a file or a .remap file and then loads whatever the .remap file points to. This isn't a viable solution for my problem though. I'd like to be able to run tests on phones and this workaround makes things a lot harder to deploy, especially to Android.

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