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I'm new to this godot 3 script change How can i control my game work for mobile devices aka android and ios? I also researched about this question but they are all for godot 2. I just want my character to move left and right and jump i have my KinematicBody2D scripted for movement, but i want it to be reconfigured for a mobile device. then i don't even know how to setup the gui overlay for left, right and jump button. so i need help with that.

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I converted some code a while back just for this purpose. Please check out the following demo on GitHub. It should get you going in the right direction. You will have to add the jump functionality using a separate touchscreen button or maybe using multitouch (check for 2 touches and jump) https://github.com/gswashburn/Analog-Stick-Demo.

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Thanks. I have it working.

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