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I'm new to gamedev, so decided to use a youtube tutorial to build a very basic 2D platformer. The tutorial was for 2.1, and I'm using 3.0.5, so perhaps the version is to blame. When I run the project, the scene is cropped. Thanks.

asked 3 days ago in Projects by redmarbleroad (12 points)

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Try turning on Allow hidpi under Window in the Project Setting and see if the problem continues. If that doesn't work, try playing around with the Stretch settings.

answered 2 days ago by Socrates (495 points)
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It might be that your width and/or height is to low. Try increasing that or if you are using fullscreen you might want to turn on "Allow Hidpi" as Socrates pointed out before me.

answered 1 day ago by Joleeee (24 points)
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