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I want to use my music audio to continue playing when entering level (scenes).
I want to command my music audio to stop playing like
Play("Level1") to Stop("Level5")
i know how to use AudioStreamPlayer but i don't know how to code/commands it.
What code/commands should i use?

asked Jul 13 in Engine by CuteCattyGirl (13 points)

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You can create a singleton scene called Sound.tscn which contains all your AudioStreamPlayers. A singleton is a scene that is always present as a node of your game, regardless of whatever other nodes you load.

You can specify a scene as a singleton in your Project Settings.

Once you have the singleton, elsewhere in your code you can make calls like this:


You can also create custom functions in a script on your Sound node which fade the music in and out, as well as transition between tracks.

answered Jul 14 by Diet Estus (1,308 points)
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