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I am working on a project that is suppose to allow me to see a grid, draw on it, switch to a second grid, switch back to the first grid, and still see what is drawn. I have been working on this for days and there always appears to be a problem. I took the grid scene, which is fully capable of working, and copied it. I then instanced the two scenes under one node and had buttons show only one grid at a time. When I ran the program, I was able to draw on the first grid, but when I try to draw on the second grid, it inputs nothing. When switching back to the first grid, the drawings that were suppose to go on the second grid, were on the first grid. This means that the first grid is always active even if it is hidden.
The load order determines which grid is active. For example, the first grid is instanced below the second grid, so the first grid is active. It they are reversed, the second grid is active. Does any body have a solution to this?

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