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Hi, I want to move in the UI with Joypad axis but it's bugged (ui_dir every frame when a stick is pressed)

I tryed to control that with something like :


But the game doesn't detect that. So what I can do to press this action with code?
Sorry for my english and thanks in advance.

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If you want to move the UI (or cursor) without it moving every frame, have a Timer count down a certain amount of time. For example, whenever the joypad is moved, use a Timer to count down 0.2 or 0.3 seconds. Once the Timer had stopped, allow the joypad to move the UI again.

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I've never done this, but I saw it in the manual. Don't look at the details, just the way it's done. I took it from here

var local_pos = Vector2(10, 20) # local to Control/Node2D
var ie = InputEventMouseButton.new()
ie.button_index = BUTTON_LEFT
ie.position = get_viewport_transform() * (get_global_transform() * local_pos)
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