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I've a 3d model that I've been clipped its animations and I wrote some scripts inside my game for it. Now some animations are changed and I want to just update my model. It's not good to clip all animations again each time the model changes!
I tried to...

  • clip updated model animations and export it in another Godot project
    and import it to my project. But it doesn't imported any keyframe!
  • import .dae file into the blender, but it seems corrupted!
  • just replacing new .dae file over old one, the model became corrupted when I open my project in Godot.
  • replacing new .dae file over old one and deleted all .import files, Godot project will become corrupted after re(import) the updated assets.

We're really in trouble with it and I don't know what to do with it! Is it an unhandled problem in Godot? We're in the last steps of our game production!!

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If you are using Photoshop then visit Adobe Photoshop Customer Service

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did you read anything of my words??

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