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Just for testing, I have made a simple scene. On top, a spatial called "main". It has two children: "cube" (a mesh) and ARVROrigin. ARVRCamera is a child of ARVEOrigin.
The script attached to main looks like this:

extends Spatial
var speed = 1
func _ready():
    var arvr_if = ARVRServer.find_interface("Native mobile")
    if arvr_if and arvr_if.initialize():
        get_viewport().arvr = true
func _physics_process(delta):
    find_node("cube").rotate_y(speed * delta)

If I run the "project" I see a stereoscopic view, each with a slowly rotating cube. It works!
If I export it into an Android *.apk file, It doesn't work! I only get at black screen with a Godot-logo. This happen both when I install it directly from my Linux computer or if I transfer the *.apk file to my Samsung phone, and install it from there.
I can't find any setting that can get me out of the misery...
Can anyone explain to me, what is happening?

asked Jul 3, 2018 in Engine by davidlamhauge (12 points)

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