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I want to inherit a scene but not the script, to try some polymorphic functions in a inherited script.
Godot doesn't want to load an inherited script in the inherited scene.
A completely new script works, but it need to maintain the two scripts. The two scenes shares lot of stuffs.
If is it possible how to do this please ?

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You could see what is the script loaded with get_script and then, use set_script at ready(or at process) of the parent node to load another one at runtime...

On the parent node, call the set_script on the child scene with any kind of method you want:

if Input.is_action_pressed("ui_down"):
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Shouldn't you use set_script(preload("..."))?

Yup, missed that one, thanks.

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Now it works. Don't know what I did to make it work. Sorry

But now I'll try to find how to extends the functions too ...

Thanks for the help brunosxs.

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