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Okay, so, this is my script now:
extends Node

const SAVEPATH = "res://savegame.json"

Escreve o arquivo de save
func savegame():
#nicializa o arquivo //create the file
var file = File.new()
game.sav", File.WRITE)

Salva o arquivo //save the file
file.storeline(tojson(Playervariables.save())) //playervariables.save is a function that returns a library

func loadgame():
# Open existing file
var file = File.new()
game.sav", File.READ)

Get the data
var data = {}
data = parsejson(file.getline())

So, now i want to get the content in this data library and put into my Playervariables class attributes
PS: Player
variables is a singleton with, duh, my player status

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-Make a "Playervariables.load(data)" function and call it with the data from the file.
-Do in Playervariables.load what you did in Playervariables.save, but in reverse. Assuming that in the Playervariables.save you took the variables' values and store them in the data, in the Playervariables.load, set the variables from the data.

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