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I've been playing around with Godot 3.1 and everything seems to work well enough, so i decided try opening a project I'm working on in 3.0, mostly to play around with the new animation tools. The project itself opens fine, but it doesn't run when I press play, it just shows the Godot splash screen and hangs. Does anyone know any incompatabilities that might make this the case? I'm not really doing anything complicated, a level has a tilemap, KinematicBody2Ds, sprites, etc., and other projects and the official demos seem to work fine.

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Not that kind of incompatibility, you may at least get an error.
Maybe you need to reimport some assets or you have hit some bug in the development version (is not even considered alpha yet), if you can consistently make it hang, open an issue about that.

3.1 will have new features, changed some defaults, and other things that will make it backwards incompatible with 3.0 (like the new AnimationPlayer options), but projects from 3.0 will run just fine.

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