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func _process(delta):
      if (position.x < 0): ||  (position.x > get_viewport_rect( ).size.x):  
         speed.x *= -1 ; 

     position += speed ;

Error parsing expression, misplaced 'or'

If i white 'or' > new error : error parsing expession, missplased '|'

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Also: I think you don't need semicolons ';' after each line.

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you typed colon: in conditional statements.

if (position.x < 0): ||  (position.x > get_viewport_rect( ).size.x):
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if (position.x < 0) : || (position.x > getviewportrect( ).size.x):

Should be:
if (position.x < 0) || (position.x > getviewportrect( ).size.x):

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