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I have used the NavigationPolygon 2D demo as a start but then having a tilemap with NavigationPolygonInstance instead of having the navpoly directly below first node. This works perfectly in square tilesets but I cannot get it to work with isometric tilesets.

I guess it is something with polygon overlapping but its hard to know since I cannot find a way to extract the navpoly from the tilemap to draw it.

If someone could look at this simple code and maybe understand what I'm doing wrong I would be very grateful! The tilemap is 64x64 and I'm snapping grid in the navpoly at 32x32 so i guess it should not overlap?

Or is it something else I'm missing?

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My problem was i used a rectangle as a polygon and then rotated it by 45 deg. It works when i draw a correct polygon.

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