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I want to make the texture progress to follow the character and place on top of character.

How can I do that?


PS. I am saying in 3D character and I want a 2D health bar on top of the 3D character

asked Jun 17, 2018 in Engine by icqqq (223 points)
edited Jun 17, 2018 by icqqq

What you may do is attach a Sprite3D to the model's node. Where the 3D model goes, the Sprite3D will follow. When necessary (such as adjusting the health bar), have the Sprite3D disappear or reappear.

Thank you.
Will the Sprite3D always face to the camera?
Or I need to make it face to camera programatically?


Unfortunately, I do not know how to make the Sprite3D only face the camera (or just a Viewport).

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