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I am rather new to the Godot Engine coming from Phaser and Phaser Editor (which deploys to HTML5/JS). My plan is to develop a mobile game and Godot seems like a great option for that. After some learning and testing and poking around I ran into this rather critical question:

How can I test my mobile game quickly on an iOS device?

Of course developing a game in Godot will take a lot of back-and-forth between the editor and the running prototype. (Even more so in my case, I am only beginner-level.) A lot can be easily tested on the desktop, but testing and debugging on a real small touchscreen device will be necessary for things like multi-touch, accelerometer and the general sizing of elements. Ideal for me would be testing on my personal iPhone.

From the docs I know that One-Click deploy only works for Android and Blackberry. And deploying for iOS seems like a pretty complex task so this might not be quick enough. Are there other options? How do the pros work on iOS games in Godot?

This might be a show-stopper for me. I am rather spoiled by my experiences with game development in HTML5 where this step only takes a simple browser reload.

Thanks for any help!

asked Jun 16, 2018 in Engine by Tilman (13 points)

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