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I'm starting to learn Godot. I exported the simple 'Hello, World' project found at Scenes and nodes on Windows 10 and when I run it, the Windows Resource Monitor shows that is using 400 MB of commit memory. I left all the export settings at their defaults except I turned debug off.

That seems a bit pricey for a single window with a single label. Is that how much the engine uses by default? If so, is there any way to lower that by excluding some unused features?

I'm using Godotv3.0.3-stablewin64

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Well, my system is completely different (Godot 3.0.2 in Ubuntu 16.04) but, for comparison, the executable is taking only 25MB (for a tilemap with a pair of sprites and scripts). Try to use 3.0.2 or compare with other Win users.

If you appreciate big difference between 3.0.2 and 3.0.3 you should consider opening a issue.

I just tried running a project containing only a Label in Godot Git a74e151 on Linux. Using a self-compiled release export template, I noticed a RAM usage of 116 MB according to htop, which is much smaller than what you reported.

However, after starting the same project from the editor on Windows, I could measure a RAM usage similar to the one you reported, so this issue is probably only affecting Windows.

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