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(Sorry for my bad english, I'm using google translate) Well, I'm very new to Godot, and I'm doing an RPG, well, I wanted to find a tutorial that taught me to do this:
* A main menu with settings (change resolution, volume, and more)
* A system that allows to store items in the character inventory
* And one about HUD, how to access inventory and equip items, purchase system of items (store), location and more.
* Ah, there is another one that is restoring life using items and sleeping in hotels (the game setting is urban as well as EarthBound)
If you found tutorials that taught this or even more, it would be great :)
Oh, i use Godot 2.1.5, my PC can't run 3.0 :(

asked Jun 13 in Engine by KeyserEX (14 points)

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Your request is very broad and there is so much that could be said about all things you mention, too much to be answered in a single thread. Also given the questions you have it looks like you should try making a simpler game before all this.

Making a 2D RPG requires to be already familiar with almost all 2D nodes.
Tilemap for the world, sprites and bodies for characters, CanvasLayer and control nodes for the HUD, as well as a great deal of organization for inventory and scene switching.
I made a map system myself in Godot 2 but because an RPG is something very broad, you'll find many different ways of doing it, some more complex than others.

I don't know RPG tutorials but with a quick search I see there are some on YouTube:



Someone made a playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVutIoCGAfE&list=PL79GtUPpF4EMYA6yj-1mcbcopFDDAAHXd

answered Jun 14 by Zylann (14,838 points)
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Some learners like tutorials but some like to just start doing it. If you look at https://gitlab.com/godotengine/godot-demo-projects there is lots of code in there and I think they are maintained so they keep working with newer Godot. The good thing is that you can checkout the code that will work with your Godot. Here are the tags in that repo for 2.1:


No 2.1.5 tag but 2.1.4-stable might be fine. In any case you can look at the code and see how it's done.
Also there are a lot of projects on gitlab and github made with Godot so you can look at that code too.

answered Jun 14 by jitterbeetle (44 points)
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It sounds like you want tutorials on... basically every aspect of your game.

A full RPG sounds too out of your scope to make from scratch. Godot is more than capable of such a feat, but it would be in your best interest you use an RPG specific engine (like RPG Maker) unless you have a reason you NEED Godot.

If you use Godot, this will take much longer and be much more difficult than it needs to be assuming your level of knowledge. I just don't want to see you so tied up and frustrated with the technical aspects that you give up and don't get to do any of the fun stuff like story and world design, aside from all the graphics you'll need, etc.

answered Jun 15 by greyspot (17 points)
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