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How hard would it be to implement multiplayer functionality? Is there any third-party plugins that would speed up progress. I've been looking through the UDP api that is available and it looks to be a pain to implement. Appreciate any help.

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Note that for a future version (maybe 3.0, but 2.1 is also a possibility), the networking API would be remade, making multiplayer a breeze.

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You can take a look at GDNet, which is an ENet wrapper for Godot. This means can you get easy reliable UDP, but note that ENet currently does not support IPv6 yet. But even with that UDP, you still need to implement lots of things yourself.

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Yes online is some what of a pain, but mostly just connecting to people. I've based my last project's networking off of this demo. However, it doesn't handle things like connecting and disconnecting well. Like for example, sometimes my server would crash and the client had no idea. But overall it doesn't seem too hard to set up correctly, and the way packets work is actually very simple. Literally like reading/writing to a save file. Although netcode does require a different way of thinking/writing the game than single player games. Lots of things you take for granted have to be networked, so they sync across all clients.

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