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This actually two questions, but both work off each other.

Due to mircosoft recently acquiring github, do you guys see this as a problem? And if you do, will you be moving to another platform?

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This has already been asked but I’ll copy my reply to the other thread

In short no I don’t see this as a problem. Could it become one? Maybe, but I doubt it.
If anything it will probably make Github the most stable repository.

Not to mention Google and Gitlab are pretty cozy and I would honestly trust Microsoft more than Google at this point

I don’t really see a reason to move anything at the moment. The whole anti Microsoft hate movement is so 90’s. I’m over it. I’m not going to up and move simply because Microsoft bought them. The only reason I would move is if they made drastic changes for the worst. However as of late Microsoft has a decent track record of buying things and leaving them be. If anything it will help bolster Githubs infrastructure which will be greatly needed and appreciated and I could see some nice integration opportunities in the future.

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I moved my private repositories to Gitlab because they're free; my public ones are still on Github. Unless something changes with the TOS, I see no reason to change.

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