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Hello all I been using Godot for awhile now, and I was wondering is it possible to make a 3D AI that can talk and answer questions in Godot and if so can it be done by using Visual scripting or would it work better for gd script. and also is it possblie to make a VR game in godot for the lenovo mirage solo??

asked May 30, 2018 in Projects by 3dart (38 points)

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1 . AI
It's possible, but not easy. I don't think Visual Scripting is going to be any good in this scenario. That kinda depends on what exactly would you want to do.

You should probably start with learning more about machine learning in general and use some outside library.

2 . VR
Never tried it, you should probably start with this page.

answered May 31, 2018 by HalfTough (109 points)

oh great thanks for the help

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